Text Books for Long Ridge

I’m currently working my way through several books as part of the course material from Long Ridge Writers Group. Link to Site

On Writing Well- 6th Edition by William Zinsser

This book is geared towards nonfiction writing, however, as a fiction writer I have found it to be useful. There are many things inside that writers of both will learn from.

In Part 1, Zinsser discusses the topics of simplicity, clutter, style, audience, words, and usage.

I’m through Chapter 1 ‘The Transaction’ in my 2nd read. This chapter sums up the intentions of this book. Along with a comparative anecdote, this chapter discusses what it’s like being a writer, what writers are like, and what’s at the heart of good nonfiction. The chapter is short and to the point.

Link to Book on Amazon

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers by Renni Brown and Dave King
sub-title: How to Edit Yourself Into Print

This book is geared towards fiction writing.

Let me start by saying that I love this book. There are times when I just can’t put this book down. I am currently on Chapter 6 “Interior Monologue”.

While it is instructive it does not read this way. It’s far from preachy. The writers come across as natural. It’s as if you’re sitting with them having a casual conversation on the subject at hand. They inject humor, common sense, and an intelligence that anyone can understand.

The writers discuss the issues of: show vs. tell, characterization and exposition, point of view, dialogue, interior monologue, voice, and a few other things.

In my opinion if you are a fiction writer this book belongs on your shelf. Not one of us should be without a copy. Not one of us should go or proceed without reading it.

Link to Book on Amazon

Freelance Writing for Magazines and Newspapers by Marcia Yudkin

This book is geared towards nonfiction writing; specifically articles for print in magazines and newspapers. Marcia Yudkin goes in to details on the various aspects of the writing process. She includes personal stories making it easy to relate to, between her and her reader.

I’ve only read chapter 1. So, while I know what the book is about I can’t go any further. What I can tell is that Marcia Yudkin has a voice that is easy to read.

Link to Book on Amazon


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