The 1 Year Plan

I’ve already shared about my 5 and 10 year plans. It has to start somewhere though. And that is with a 1 year plan. Since there are 3 months left in 2014, technically this will be a 15 month plan. That said, this is my list of objectives to accomplish by December 31, 2015. I’m starting the list with the academic ones- meaning the ones that will happen.

Things that will happen

  1. Improve my faith walk with Christ – back to church + Bible studies.
  2. Finish the course with Long Ridge Writers Group ( 4 lessons to go )
  3. Pay off another $ 2,000 from the debts ( includes #’s 4, 5, & 6 )
  4. Pay off the debt to HCC ( using rent rebate )
  5. Pay off the Visa Card ( happens in April )
  6. Pay off the MasterCard ( happens in August )

Things that to make happen

  1. Lose weight- drop below 200 lbs. – weight as of 10-08-2014 is 238.6 lbs.
  2. Continue working on Break-In novel
  3. Finish edits on RPG Archive Project: Some Things Never Die… Some Things Do
  4. Get back into Toastmasters and finish the Competent Speaker manual
  5. Stand my ground against those who would sabotage my plans and efforts
  6. Cut the bad rubbish from my life
  7. Finish the Stargate DVD Collection
  8. Purchase one new product from Melaleuca each month (new to me)

I’m thinking these projects should be enough for one year. Once these are finished I’ll take a look at what else is on my 10 year plan list and see what can be added- based on the time remaining in the year. Some projects are automatic and some will take longer or more time and attention. As with all plans there needs to be room for unplanned chaos and times when I just don’t feel like doing anything.


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