The Next 5 Year Plan

With the impending approach of the 42nd annual marker of my birth, I thought I should do this. It’s time to update, okay it’s long past the time to update / renew my 5 and 10 year plans.

What I’ve accomplished in my last 10 years doesn’t seem like much in comparison to the time. When you consider the monetary aspect it makes a big difference. So, here we go.

I’ve accomplished: 21 credits towards my college degree; planned, plotted, developed, or written a number of papers, stories, essays, and articles. I have recorded the word count that puts me past 400,000 words. I also participated in this challenge called NaNoWriMo and swore that I will NEVER do it again!

I have managed to improve me health with supplements and visits to the DR and had necessary procedures. There is still a road to travel with my health but I will travel it.

With the monetary goals – since 2007 (when I began to take it seriously) I have paid off over $ 25,500 in personal debt.

One pivotal point is that my Dysthymia is finally under control.

I have invested in myself with 4 groups / clubs. The first is Long Ridge Writers Group- a correspondence program designed to help writers develop their skills for publication in magazines and periodicals. Another is Melaleuca- a company with awesome products and a home-based business opportunity. The third is The Cooking Club of America- a club that has an abundance of recipes, collections, events, and resources for every need in the kitchen. The last is Toastmasters International. I joined this at WITCC with the thought that it would help me overcome my anxieties of public speaking and socializing.

Finally, I found a church in my area where it just feels like home- Southern Hills Baptist Church.

I also managed to raise and spoil 3 healthy cats. Spoiled is the only way to have pets.

So, what’s next? Well, I need to FINISH what I’ve started. And that is the goal ‘across the boards’ for my next ‘5 year plan’.

Where do I see myself in 5 years on just these things? December 31, 2020.

I plan to break another 200,000 words. I don’t like to say “I’m going to finish this project or that one” – this just sets me up for failure- because things do happen that are beyond my control. Things like a virus hitting my computer in the middle of November after I’ve passed 24,000 words on my NaNoWriMo project.

That said, I do believe that there’s plenty of room and time to squeeze in 200,000 words between now and 2020.

In the short term, for the rest of 2014 and through 2015 a few things will be academic in happening. 2 credit cards will be paid off. A debt of $251 will also be paid, which will allow me to get back to classes in the fall. I have been attaining my goal of $ 2,000 / year (in some years I’ve surpassed $ 3,000 ) and I don’t see this changing in 2015.

I will get back on track in my writing projects. I’ve discovered a few tricks that work in drowning out the distractive / external noises. Thanks you Jen for the recording. I am also certain that I will be finished with Long Ridge inside 2015. At the moment I’m on lesson # 08 of 12.

With my health- I want to be down to a healthy weight. Let’s just say that the last time I weighed in- it was NOT GOOD. Ideally, I should be between 130 and 150. I believe that this can be achieved in one year.

The 5 year plan:

With my finances- at the rate I’ve been going, about $233 a month towards my debts, I could feasibly pay off another $14,000. I would like to pay off at least the small student loan that I have. As of today it’s around $ 1,600 @ $ 30 a month. This should just about hit the end of the 5 year plan.

On my academics, I would like to either complete or be close to completing my associates degree. Due to time constraints, a limited bus system and not having a car, I can only attend part time. So, averaging 6 credits a term, 3 terms a year = 18 credits per year. 64 credits for the degree – 21 earned= 43 credits to go. At 18 credits a year that’ll be 2 years and 1 term. I might go over 64 because there are courses I need and courses I want. Long Ridge does offer college credit for its program- I don’t know what the value is or if I’d qualify. If I do- it’ll be a BONUS!

With my health, I’m not going to stress myself if I don’t make my weight goal in 2015. There are plenty of years ahead of me. As I am now, I don’t feel old- but there is room for improvement. One thing’s for certain, I could do better in keeping up with my appointments. That would help.

The 10 year plan:

These are the long range plans- so I really just have a list. Nothing is actually planned out. There’s breaking 1,000,000 words, being published, finishing my associates degree, learning German, getting healthy / losing weight, and seeing a few local spots before I make that next big move. Yes, I want to move- to leave Sioux City Iowa before I’m 50.

EGADS!!!! That’s 8 YEARS AWAY!!!


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