LRWG Lesson Update

Call this the week of necessary distraction. These are things like doctor’s appointments and bus rides. They’re not long rides, about 15 minutes to downtown and then about 30 on the outbound to the turn-around point. When it comes to getting out and about for things like appointments and shopping, I spend about an hour on just the bus rides. Sadly my budget cannot afford the expenses of a car.

So, what did I accomplish this week? I tweaked the manuscript on lesson # 08 for Long Ridge. There was one bit part that was nagging and me and one person from Team Beta said it stood out to her (my words, not hers- but essentially, that’s what she meant.) I’m holding on to the piece for the novel version of the manuscript. After this, I polished the surrounding paragraphs to adjust and it came out much smoother.

There is still one jarring transition point but for now, it’ll have to sit. My deadline is Oct 15th and there are still 3 more parts to work on.

I got halfway through part 2 of the lesson- creating a copy of the ‘Magazine Choice Form’ in Word just like the copy in my course manual. That was the easiest part of the lesson.

Next up is choosing a publisher from the book The Best of the Magazine Market for Writers 2014. There are 30 periodicals listed under science fiction. Some are print only, some are online only and some are hybrids of both. In looking at the list I went by a list of dis-qualifiers and used a process of elimination in my selections. After a few hours of looking at the listings I was left me with 6 options.

From 30 to 6 is good but I only need 1. I think I’m going to call it a night and review this short list tomorrow.


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