A Creative Idea for Regular Orders

Most people have some type of program on their computers that will create business cards. Go with me on this- trust me, it’s a good solution. I got this idea from a teller at the branch of my bank where I do my transactions.

When I visit my favorite coffee shop or another place with a staple I’ll have, I’ve noticed that sometimes people have trouble over the noise. At the bank, some tellers will speak so loud on what your transaction is, it’s like they’re announcing to everyone.

I talked about this with my regular teller one day and she suggested business cards.


The idea is to create a business card with the usual / regular / favorite order on it.

For example- at Starbucks, I don’t go very often but when I do I get the same order.

Vanilla Chai Latte 2% – whipped topping and vanilla sprinkles

They never catch the 2% part – defaulting to whole milk. My body s used to 2 % milk. Rather than waist a good drink though, I just accept the consequences.

Starbucks Order Card

Starbucks Order Card


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