LRWG # 9

I’ve just finished reading the manual pages of lesson # 9 with Long Ridge. The amazing part was not the absence of external distractions, or anything negative. It felt like the cosmos had left me alone in this regard. Still, the amazing part was how my mind conjured an idea for a new story. With 70+ stories roaming through my grey matter I didn’t think there was room for another. LOL

Suffice to say, this plot bunny has been born. ( wink to WJ ). This 3,000 word story will be contemporary fiction rooted in nonfiction. While the characters aren’t real, the situation they face has been and will be real for many people, including myself.

I am going to focus on the subject of the stigma against community colleges. Despite the rising costs of tuition, books, and supplies- many people look down on those who choose to take this route. They seem to think that it’s beneath them. Sadly, in the end ( with today’s economy ) they end up with a sour disposition and massive debt in student loans. This is not so for people who choose to attend their local community colleges. More times than not, these schools are greater than 50% cheaper than the traditional 4 year ones.

Sure, there’s a level of prestige from attending certain traditional schools. But they also come with a hefty bill.

So, my goal with lesson 9 is to depict a character, just graduated from high school who’s coping with the issue. As I haven’t written the story yet, I don’t want to give away too much right now. It is a story in development after all. I will share all about it on other side of the lesson. My deadline is December 15th.

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