BOINC Update!

This is for my buds of Calm Chaos! and other cruncher buds- Scout (my laptop) started crunching work units on July 16,2013.

His current list of projects are:

Climate Prediction
Moo! Wrapper
Pogs -SkyNet – no, not that Skynet
SETI@Home – the one that started it all.
World Community Grid

Scout’s favorite snack is Moo! Wrapper.

Okay, so why is she posting this? It’s a bit premature because with every update, more time it shaved off the projection. As of today- Scout is 11.02 days short of reaching 2,000,000 credits. This means that not only has he surpassed my gal Pilot (Dell 1100); he has done so in a fraction of the time it took her to pass 1,000,000. Libra (Dell 2400) did the bulk of the work on SETI though with 52,331 out of 67,841.22 credits.

Now for everyone else – if you’re still reading this, you’re probably wondering what I’m babbling about and why I’m so excited to be approaching the 2 million marker.

As one of my favorite TV characters says: OMG, what’s the BFD?

I’m babbling about BOINC – The Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing. Rather than try to stumble through explaining, I’m a fiction writer not a scientist, here’s a few links to find out what BOINC is, how it works, and what kinds of projects utilize BOINC.

People talk about getting out there to volunteer in the community, not everyone can do this physically. Everyone who has a computer can volunteer the downtime to run BOINC and the various – mostly science related – projects.

I got into this because of SETI, today my computers either have or do crunch work units for the projects listed above. As of January 2015, there are 68 active projects and each one of them is for something different.

Here’s those links I mentioned:


Home page:

One of the sites that lists the various projects and user / team stats:

And Calm Chaos! My BOINC team!

C’mon guys, did you really think I’d make this fuss and NOT link to the team site?

11 days and counting until 2,000,000! I want a t-shirt for this one! Or at least a banner saying 2,000,000 combined credits with the date and some twinkles LOL

– Also posting this to my FB page – because one place is not enough!


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