A Window of Quiet Time

In the mornings there’s a lot of noise to be had. The neighbors hustle to get ready for work and shuffle the kids off to school. Aside from the occasional day of the crew doing yard work the noise begins to taper off about 9am. By 9:30 it’s almost as quiet as a church. I can still hear my upstairs neighbor bantering about but that’s tolerable.

I don’t know yet when the closing point of this window is. I’m assuming it’s between 2:30 and 3pm when the children are released from school. This is a decent sized window- about 5 hours. I am certain I can get a bundle of writing done in that time.

In short, I think I found my window of time to write at home. At least the beginning of that window. If it becomes too much, I can hop on the bus for the library.


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