Captain Power vs. Jem

I have just one thing to say. Although it’s taking time to bring Captain Power back to us- renewed and revised, I want to thank the creators and crew for sticking with it. It’s my understanding that they are doing their due diligence to preserve the sanctity of Captain Power not only for the fans of today but for those of the original.

What prompts me to post this is the news that Jem and the Holograms, a much beloved cartoon and another show of the mid-80s has been turned into a motion picture.

I have seen the preview trailer and I am aghast! The writers and producers have taken creative licensing of this project and changed it. I’m not sharing links because I refuse to promote such heresy.

And for me it is heresy when people take something that has been and is treasured by many and corrupted to their own liking for profit. There have been so many changes to the concept of Jem that it looks like a blending of her story with Barbie and the Rockers.

So, I reiterate my thanks to The Goddard Film Group the Powers that be behind Captain Power and tSotF; Thank you for working your best to preserve a much beloved show. (and saying no to those interested if to only change things to their will). Continue to preserve the life of this show!


(and yes, I have my Power Pin!)


7 thoughts on “Captain Power vs. Jem

  1. No offense to you or anybody else, but I barely remember Jem except as a doll with flashing earrings. Barbie I never really paid any attention to. But if this movie is as bad as the Josie and The Pussycats movie it will also die at the box office.


  2. Right on the money with this one. I didn’t really watch Jem much as a kid but from what I’ve seen, compared to this “trailer” it is turning into another JINO (Jem in Name Only.) I too am looking forward to what Phoenix Rising will be like, as at least it’s being done by the same people who CARE about their product and not just looking for a quick cash in like Universal is. I refuse to watch Hannah Montana Goes to the 1980s and I know a lot of others will back me up on this.

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  3. No problem. I just remember seeing it was on WGN right after I finished watching Transformers and GI Joe, other franchises that were ruined by Hollywood. (To this day I will NEVER forgive Michael Bay for the “Deep Wang” incident in Dark of the Moon, which was the only moment at the time I ever considered walking out of a theater but didn’t. However since then I did walk out of another film, or actually drove out as it was at a drive-in, Blended.)


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