Happy Snowman Wax Warmer

Let me start by mentioning that I like wax warmers. Thy come in all different shapes, colors, and types ( characters, plain, with sayings, and seasonal ).  And the scents are – there’s too many to count. Around cats they’re much safer than candles. I’m thinking they might become my next ‘thing to collect’- the scents that is.

Anyway- for the several years I have been wanting and trying to purchase this fun shaped wax warmer. The problems are that it’s a seasonal item and every season- Walmart sells out of them faster than you can blink. So, this passed season I decided to look for it online- and sure enough, there it was. I found it on Walmart’s website and added to my site wishlist. This month, I finally had some extra cash that I could order it. It arrived today.

Isn’t he adorable? Sometimes we need the silly things to make us smile.

Happy Snowman Wax Warmer

To get your own- click here


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