Day 1

As I tweeted- I have a plan- the questions are: will I go through with it? Will I be brave enough to share on the internet?

The plan is to finally lose the weight and get into shape. The problem has been that, over the years, I have had what equates to anti-support. Friends have done and said things that ultimately sabotage even the notion of doing this.

Women / girls have said things like:

“Oh, you’re not fat.”

“You’re not the one who’s fat, I’M the one who’s fat!” ( this from the girl who weighed no more than 110 / 120 pounds. )

And from the guys:

“200 pounds isn’t so bad.”

“As long as you don’t lose the tatas.”

When showing a friend the stationary bike I’m saving up for- he commented “It’s pointless to exercise just one part of your body.”

I have decided that today I am taking back the power. I’ve banged my head on the proverbial wall for the last time. These people are no longer either a part of my life or an influence. Today I am taking this back and making it mine.

Today is my regular check up with my doctor regarding the PCOS. I’m going to ask the nurse to take 2 pictures with my disposable camera. 1 of the scale- ( because there are those who refuse to believe my claim of weight. ) and one of me because people on a weight loss kick usually start with the “before picture.”

Wish me luck.


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