Drs Visit

Had a great visit with my doc today. As expected, had to step on the scale, the nurse thought that it was a tad odd that I asked her to take the pics- but we got it done. Today’s weigh in is 246 lbs and some ounces (didn’t catch those).

Time with the doc was well spent. We talked about a few things regarding foods, carbs, and supplements. She recommended breathing focused meditation to increase the nitric oxide in my blood. She’s not anti-homeopathic – she is leery about unregulated supplements.

I asked her about the rotisserie chicken that the sell at Walmart. She said it’s okay then told me about her favorite way of cooking chicken that makes it taste just like rotisserie. Using a slow cooker, chicken broth, and fresh chicken breasts- set to cook on low for 4 hours and it tastes the same.

Over all it was a good visit. We even discussed getting God involved. I had no idea she was a believer. Only found out because while waiting between the nurse leaving and her arriving- I opened my study book. Dr. Lee walked in while I was reading.

I go back in October for an update and more blood work. That’s the annual fasting test for cholesterol. Fun! NOT!

As for the pictures- I’m still not sure if I’ll share them- but they have been taken so that I can track my changes.


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