Thank You SCFD

I’m taking a moment here to blog my thanks to Asst Chief Robinson and the Sioux City fire department. 5 engine crews came out last night between 2 – 2:30 am to contain a fire in the laundry room of my building. They were professional, courteous, and kind.

I don’t have all of the details on the incident. What I do know comes from the statement of one of the few neighbors I know. A mid-40s bald white man had been found in the laundry room. My neighbor said she didn’t see any flames, just a whole lot of smoke. She asked what he if he had called 911. He said no so she made the call.

My friends know that I have chronic insomnia- so an uninterrupted good night’s sleep is rare for me. Last night started out pleasantly- I got to bed at a decent hour, fell asleep almost immediately, and went into a good dream. I was woken about 2:30am with burning eyes and choking. It took me a moment to orient to what was happening. Once I got my glasses on I could see the smoke- even in the darkness of room. It was like a heavy fog permeating the air. The living room was just as bad. I went on auto-pilot- got dressed, slipped into my flip-flops and went outside.

There were 5 fire trucks in the parking lot. The crews were at work on the laundry room and adjacent apartments. My neighbors were standing around, like me, wondering had happened.

I believe that it was God who told me we’d be okay, that my girls were fine, and not to worry. And I thought about my friend Jen and the photos she had taken of firemen, and thought “man, I wish I had a camera.”

My neighbor Karen was the one who caught the jerk in the act- whatever he was doing. I hope they catch the guy.

After about 2 hours or so, we were cleared to return to our apartments.

This is one kind of disturbance that I didn’t mind being awakened- although the manner was not pleasant.

So, again, my thanks to the Sioux City fire department.


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