The Wells of Marvel & DC Are Not Dry

This research started when I read a comment from someone online. I’m going to withhold their name and source to save them public embarrassment. Basically, he stated “the well is running dry” in reference to subject material from Marvel and D.C. Comics for movies.

Over the last decade or so Hollywood had trained its focus of Superhero movies on a limited number of characters: primarily: Batman, Superman, Wolverine, Spiderman, Ironman, Thor, Hulk, and a few combined efforts with other heroes. Rather than dip back into the well of characters they have opted to make changes to the well-known and beloved characters. Thor became a woman, Green Lantern turned gay- you get the idea. Let’s not forget the reboot of Fantastic 4.

I cried “hogwash” to all of this. They aren’t going deep enough into those wells. They’ve tried a few times to relaunch Wonder Woman, a heroine many people want to see happen. Why didn’t it work yet? One was derailed because of the focus on Batman… or was that Superman? The other, in 2009, faltered because of backlash from respondents over that ugly costume and other circumstances I’m not privy to.

Aquaman was one TV show / spin-off that I, personally, had looked forward to seeing. This show was dropped from the schedule due to the merger of 2 networks into what is now The WB. They didn’t have room in their schedule for it- or something like that.

It was a good thing in the end. I got to watch the pilot episode of this show and it reeked! I mean it stunk! The concept was good but the delivery missed the mark by a mile. And I’m not complaining because I’m no fan of L.D. Philips. I’m complaining because it was bad. At least Justin Hartly landed on his feet with Green Arrow on Smallville- now he’s on my favorite soap The Young & The Restless.

But I digress- let’s get back to the wells of Marvel & D.C.

Whoever is in control of motions that brings comic books to the silver screen (and TV) has a limited scope, IMO. They keep focusing on a core group of heroes and villains. That’s great and all but in time it becomes BORING!

How many more X-men (Wolverine) movies will the public take before they brush it off for something else- like a Halo game?

Will we endure yet another Star Trek movie or worse- another vampire or zombie one?

The other day I learned that some have broken from this status quo with the release of movies based on 2 different heroes. “Deadpool” is scheduled for Feb 12. A film on Gambit will be out in October. Dr. Strange is scheduled for November. This is a start.

Check out my source for this year’s movies.

One look at the list of titles and what jumps out at you are the number of sequels coming out- blech.

Underworld 5, really?

What I would like to see is an expansion of the X-men Origins franchise with Storm, Cyclops, Jean Gray, Kitty Pryde, and Psylocke to name a few.

What about more movie tie-ins to TV shows? Marvel’s got it down with Agent’s of SHIELD- TV show- so why not tie in with a solo for Black Widow or Lady Sif (or one with them teaming up)? Why doesn’t DC give it a shot with Arrow? Tie it to a movie about a lesser known hero / heroine in that verse.

Here’s my point- for those who haven’t gotten it yet- the wells of Marvel and DC are NOT DRY. They are brimming with characters that, for the most part go ignored by “the powers that be” in Hollywood.

Now, maybe they don’t think that movies about Storm or Black Widow would work- or maybe they just like to keep to the status quo of Batman, Spiderman, etc. Perhaps, I’m just suggesting this, they’ve not seen copies of the Encyclopedias published by Marvel and D.C. that detail ALL or the majority of their comic book heroes.

Another idea- how about a live action Thundercats movie?

My final throw in this – how about that Stargate movie when the gate is finally revealed to the public on Earth? Get it off the shelf boys- you know you want to.

I’m not going to list all of the names I’ve discovered- I will share this link on Wikipedia that lists a few heroines though.

And here’s one on teams and groups:

If you want to go international- there’s this page:

Oh yeah- for those who’ve not seen or heard about the encyclopedias- you can find them on Amazon. These are just the ones I found- there may be more.

DC Comics Ultimate Character Guide

The DC Comics Encyclopedia, Updated and Expanded Edition

DC Comics: A Visual History

Marvel’s The Avengers Encyclopedia

Marvel Encyclopedia

DC Comics: Super-Villains: The Complete Visual History





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