Cat of the Day 3-11-2016

This is Alice. She belonged to a friend of mine. Yesterday morning a pair of pit bulls killed her.


Kitten days

Some people will say that her owners should have kept Alice indoors. While I am a supporter of keeping cats indoors, I do not support allowing dogs to roam free- especially those of aggressive breeds.

It’s my understanding that these dogs, a controversial breed, have caused problems in the neighborhood in the past- including intimidating a young child who was walking to her bus stop.


Adult Alice


The problem with pit bulls is not that they are an aggressive breed. The problem is the owners. Case in point is my friends’ neighborhood. Several pit bulls, including mixes, live there but only these two cause problems. This tells me that the owners of these two dogs are the problem. Law enforcement and Animal Control are aware of the problem. Apparently they haven’t taken action because there aren’t ‘enough’ complaints.

When you own a pet, you are expected to be responsible for it. If this pet is of a species or breed known to be aggressive, you have further responsibilities to safe guard those around you.


Sleeping on mom’s chair

Alice was a beloved pet, not just by my friend but also by the neighborhood- both people and pets. She was only 5 years old.




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