Director Bashing

Wow! How many directors can the fans bash and hate? I’ve read reviews on movies like Star Trek, Transformers, even Star Wars, and now Dawn of Justice. All I can say is: wow, people really hate the directors. Let’s not forget people, it’s not just the director who’s to blame for the trash delivered on screen. There is a host of people behind them- like writers, producers, and the financial backers.

When it comes to the scripts, as a writer I ask “what were they thinking?” Sure, the director is the leader but the writers have leeway, they’re the ones that come up with the story, the lines, etc. The director is the one who makes things happened based on his or her perspective of what the writers create. Some directors will get involved in the script writing but not always. Usually, the director will change what the writer creates if it doesn’t fit his or her vision. So yeah, in that, back to blaming the director…

Then there’s the producers and backers. The producers make certain things run smoothly. The financial backers- i.e. the studios (with TV it’s the networks) tend to be the boss of the director. He or she has to deliver to them and they put the final stamp of approval.

So, in this blame game- let’s not forget the writers, producers, and backers.

To all of whom were behind the movie Dead Pool- I must ask. What were you thinking?


2 thoughts on “Director Bashing

  1. In a lot of film/tv I tend to sit and go “are you kidding me???” when an obviously bad decision is made. In the end I think it’s more about the money than anything else. Just get something together, put some CGI graphics on it, put a couple scantly clad ladies in it, and then call it done. Either car chases and nude ladies for the guys, or romantic comedies for the gals. It’s really less about putting out a product to be proud of and more about compiling enough stuff to make a good trailer so folks will cough up $14 for a ticket. As long as you get $14 out of everybody once you can make enough profit to put together another flick to get another $140 from ’em. Writers are bad about it too, some churn out what I call “formula fiction” by the truckload and it’s all the same story with different names. Some, they didn’t even bother to come up with new locations. (My favorite author Alistair MacLean, he got bad about it later in his career.)

    It’s a classic problem as I see it. We, the buying/viewing people, are to blame for letting them get away with putting out substandard stuff without fuss. We’re also the main reason a lot of shows have gone to crap because so many viewers are so rushed to see the latest episodes, hurry, hurry, film it/show it now. The product suffers partly because many viewers rush ’em to get it on the air quick, and the powers that be want to churn out tons of cheap product rapidly so they can air commercials and make that money sooner.

    My uncle is an uneducated genius and his idea is a strangely brilliant one: For Television shows, nominate one month of the year where all commercials are banned. For movies, one month of the year when the theaters are open but the ticket windows are ignored and you can walk in for free, 100% no charges. Yeah, it’d “hurt the industry” but it’d also show who was in the business just to make a fortune and who enjoyed putting out good top-shelf product. I have a funny feeling that a lot of TV shows and Film Studios would take an unexpected 6 week vacation/closure and they’d all be so distraught about missing that month completely.

    I have to think that if the money question were taken off the table and it was all for the craft, many of the modern stars* would likely quit the industry completely. Some go the extra mile for a movie and get hurt, bruised, etc. but for 40 million bucks… a few bumps and bruises isn’t much. (*:I use the term loosely. IMO, Jimmy Stewart and Cary Grant were two of the last real stars).

    They’re not thinking. They’re just going through the motions knowing that if you get certain actors in it, that actors own diehard fans will watch because their fave actor is in it. There are some jewels in the rough, but there’s a lot more rough to sort through.

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    • From my perspective- it’s not just about the money. It’s also about the control. And the writers aren’t to blame as much. More often than not what we see on the screen is the result of a director changing what the writers wrote. Better than 95% of the time this happens leaving the writers to wonder “if the director thought it was a great script- why did he or she change things?” Sometimes a change is an improvement, sometimes it’s not. Sometimes the change is to the point where the writer does not recognize their own story- because it stopped being their story after so many changes.


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