Dating A Writer

I saw a link on Facebook for a dating site. Being a writer this sparked an idea, so for fun, I used my search engine to find ‘Date a Writer’. (No, I don’t Google, I use another engine.)

I found a few sites that are plus and minus POV’s on dating a writer- no actual site / club for writers looking to date. Still, it’s a fun post. Some of the reasons either for or against are very true, some are humorous, and others well… I’ll let you read and spark your own imagination.

Buzz Feed: 10 Essential Tips For Dating A Writer (link)

E-Harmony: 15 Reasons to Date a Writer (link)

Thought Catalog: Things You Should Know Before You Date A Writer (link)

Thought Catalog: What It’s Like To Date A Writer (link)

NY Mag The Cut: Never Date a Writer. You’ll End Up As Material. (link)

Blog: Never Date a Writer

Writer Access: 10 Reasons to Date a Writer (link)


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