The Anthology

It began with an idea, a way to share my works that’s easier than a clump of files in a digital folder. My sister took one look at the list and couldn’t decide which to open first.

Another incident reinforced the idea, this one from the internet. One of the sites I’m a member has a feature that serves as a profile. Members can share their works in a nicely organized fashion. The features of this profile are determined by the level of membership. Paid members can opt to set their works in individual folders- such as poetry, novels, or school papers. It’s really nice of them to have this.

These and a few others notions or events lead to the birth of this project, an anthology of my written works. I’m titling it The Long Ridge, an Anthology. It will consist of my writings from Long Ridge Writers Group and Western Iowa Tech Community College. Some of the papers did double duty, I submitted to both schools. Of course, this was with teacher or school permission.

There are twelve lessons with the Long Ridge course, two are revision exercises so by the end, I’ll have ten original pieces. As of now, I have four more lessons to go before I finish the Breaking Into Print course. Of these four, one is the second revision. One piece I know will not be included is Truth is Stranger Than Fiction, to this day it is still incomplete.

Two of the pieces submitted to LR also went to instructors at Western Iowa Tech Community College. The first is Patching Things Up… Kicking the Habit, I originally wrote this for LR. At WIT, I spoke with my instructor about the piece and she wanted to see it. The other piece is The Future’s Fathers, I first wrote this as a research paper for English Composition at WIT, having trouble coming up with a new idea I asked the ladies at LR if I could submit this piece as it fit the scope of the assignment. One responded with ‘that would be fine’. It does pay to ask.


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