Contemplating A Title Change

As many know, I’ve been working on my series The Zodiac Chronicles for a number of years. The first piece being written back in 1998- True Family, which featured Jeff (Aries) and TJ (Taurus),

Why it hasn’t been published yet is a different issue, It’s probably a good thing at this point. In the last few years, I’ve discovered and been shown other works of the same title. Needless to, but I will, yes it’s feeling a bit crowded under this title.

The first one I discovered on after someone suggested I Google the title. I found The Zodiac Chronicles: The Gifts by Sasha D. Oliver

— She weaves an interesting story around vampire clans.

In 2011  I was shown an Amazon page by Inde Finfew –

The title of the book is New Beginnings (The Zodiac Chronicles Book 1)

– I’m not sure what this one is about, just that it takes place in the future and involves an ancient prophecy.

Amazon Link

Today I discovered:

In 2015 Stan Lee, yes, that Stan Lee has collaborated with others to bring us The Zodiac Legacy.

I also discovered Arya Karin’s Zodiac Binding: A Reverse Harem Novel (The Zodiac Chronicles)

– Hers is a story of magical shape-shifters

Amazon Link

Black Ties and Yellow Roses: The Zodiac Chronicles by Vivien Sass

– a classic romance story

Barnes and Noble

So, with the number of writers using The Zodiac Chronicles as part the titles to their books- question I am contemplating is- should I stick it out or change the title to my own series?


4 thoughts on “Contemplating A Title Change

  1. Since a lot of those authors are using that title and they have paved the way already, you could just keep it and reap the benefits? Or not. It’s ultimately your decision, but I also noticed that some authors use pen names that start with “H” and I wondered why. I think it’s because a lot of famous authors like Harris, Hamilton, and Haddix are sitting on the bookshelves in close proximity. It works as a funnel. Or maybe I’m reading too much into it. Lol. Cool post.


    • Thanks Monique, I’m still contemplating the issue. For me the question is- do I want people to think of my books along with the others? Some people might think “oh god, another book by this title? Where’s the originality? I know that I can get annoyed by this very thing, sometimes, especially with movies- for example- Passengers. 2 movies same exact title- even though they’re 2 completely different concepts. It causes confusion in conversations when people are talking about them- one person is thinking movie A while the other is thinking movie B. And a disagreement ensues. This is why I’ve been contemplating the change- I don’t want this to happen with my works.

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