Fussing With My Writer’s Planner

I think I’m done fussing around with my Writer’s Planner. I’ve been tweaking it to make it my own. I haven’t taken anything away from it sans the calendar. What I’ve done is add things to it. For example: the original has pages dedicated to listing things to treat yourself with. I added a page to track me treats- so I don’t repeat myself. I also added an Achievements page. This way I can look back and see what I’ve done. A reminder for those times when I’m feeling like a slug and wonder if I’m making any progress.

Of all the planners I’ve seen, I think I like this one the best. This is not because it came from IFW or because it was free. It’s because I can tweak it to add things that I feel I need.  I’m satisfied for now, although, I won’t be surprised if something comes to mind that I’d want to add.

That said, I have kept the original PDF as well as the file I created from it. Plus I’m keeping a copy of the one I made adjustments to. I have also created files specific for each quarter. This is so that any year 2018 I can just open the file and save it to new and I’m good to go for that quarter. Sure, I might have to make some minor tweak, but not so much so since I took the calendar out. I set this to its own file. It’s just easier for me, this way.

I do honestly believe that I am going to enjoy working with this planner. It’s the  start of week 6 and I’m off to a good start. It’s like Jerry Doyle used to say “your attitude controls your altitude.” It’s a pilot’s saying but it can apply to your emotional and mental attitude just as easily as a plane’s.

Thank you IFW, I needed this.