Disillusioned and Need Help

I’ve griped about it already but now, I’ve had it. I’m disgusted. When I was in Iowa I did a search for rent in Florida. It was extensive, we’re talking weeks worth of searching. I was finding places renting one bedrooms for $ 400 to 450. Many of them allowed one, up to two cats. I felt hopeful that I could find a place. I even saw ads for one of my old, and favorite apartments renting for $300. If I had known that this was a lie, I would have stayed where I was. At least I knew the truth there.

After I moved down, I checked those places again. The apartments I was interested in. The prices had gone up in a matter of months. Those $ 400-450 units are now $ 500 to 600. That favorite apartment is now $ 800. And cats? It’s now ‘no pets allowed’.

I feel like I’ve been duped, lied to, deceived. There’s even one place that advertises $ 399 a month on the newspaper site. When I found the complex on apartments.com it was different. The rent listed was $ 550. I saw the reviews and most complained that it was $ 399 for the first 2 months then the landlord jacks the price to $ 550. RED FLAG!

I’ve looked at pictures to some of these places. We’re not talking about fancy, 5 star complexes with crystal clear, heated pools, in unit laundry / connections. We’re talking about base line apartment. Places that don’t even offer dishwashers or central heat and air. Places that are under 500 square feet.

To me, this is greed plain and simple. If these were hotels, we’re talking 2, maybe 3 stars worth. There is no reason why these little places should be renting for so high other than pure greed.

I’ve said it before. I am powerless, average Jane citizen. The ones who do have the power do nothing except let it happen. Most people just shrug or say ‘it is what it is.’ Meanwhile, the rent keeps going higher. People get priced out of a place to live because their income isn’t 3 times the rent.

Sure, there’s housing programs like Section 8. The problem is that these only work when they’re OPEN. From what I’ve been seeing, the sites for these programs are saying the lists are CLOSED.

I’ve seen a few places that advertise low income housing. The problems here are that they don’t answer their phones and they don’t return calls.

What else I know for certain is that I can’t stay where I’m at. There’s no access to public transit. I can’t afford to go back to Iowa. The money isn’t there. So, I’m stuck in a place I can’t stay. I am out of ideas. So, I am asking for help.

Please do not suggest that I give up my cat. I’ve had her for over 10 years. In 2017, I lost two cats one month apart. Then, I had to give up the 3rd one. Athena helped me through these losses. The thought of losing her makes me ill. I can’t lose her too.

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