Sunshine & Nieca 2005 – 2017

They were only months apart in age, I had them for 12 years. Sunshine passed on August 1, Nieca passed on Augst 29.

Each brought a unique light into my life. There was laughter, and snuggles, and countless moments of wonder in watching them. This is one of the few images I have of them together. It is my favorite among them. It looks like they’re praying.

My angel kitties, I’ll miss you.


Goodbye Nieca (bugs)

Goodbye Nieca, you were a joy and a love in my life. People will miss you greeting them and saying goodbye at the door. You were a fun and loving and lovable cat. You will be missed.

She passed tonight, peacefully, and joins our beloved Sunshine across the rainbow bridge. I am heart broken at this sudden loss and yet comforted to know that they are together. Nieca will be buried next to Sunshine.



Sunshine’s Memorial

Thanks to excess donations I am able to do this. I was looking for a garden stone shaped like a sun or had a sunshine on it. What I found at Earl May’s was a figure that looks remarkably close to Sunshine. It is 4 pounds of polyresin, so not movable by the cats. I already have a spot picked out.



GFM Help for Sunshine Vet Bill

Noone wants to wake up to find their pet in distress. This is what happened to me today. I found my beloved Sunshine lying by my desk. All she could do was breath, shake, and cry. After a visit to the vet, I set up a Go Fund Me campaign to help with the medical expenses. Please visit the link and you are able to- for Sunshine. Please, help me help my kitty.




BSG After the Fall

I would like to see a series based on life among the colonies after the fall. We know from episodes like “The Farm” that there were survivors from the holocaust. We also know that Caprica was spared from annihilation, unlike some of the other colonies. Which others had survivors? I also think it makes sense, that there may have been ships that were able to hide or evade the  Cylons in space. Ship’s captains and crews thinking outside the box could make it happen.

What would life be like among the Colonies? Is Caprica the only planet inhabitable? How do they deal with the radiation? Would people resort to Grace, being in a virtual existence while their bodies are in shielded chambers? How do they deal with each other? How do they rebuild their society?

What I see is the rise of a godless society. People coming to the belief that their gods had abandoned them in their hour of need. They also have resentment and anger towards Galactica and the fleet for leaving them behind.

Initial Opinion on the Berlanti-Verse Crossover

Does anyone else remember the days when the networks treated us to special mini-series shows? Epic examples of this would be Centennial, North & South, The Blue & The Gray, and The Thorn Birds. In most recent years, we had the mini-series that began the revision of Battlestar Galactica. Although this is much shorter than the three epic series mentioned.

These shows were short run special events. Some of them ran consecutive nights; some ran only on Sunday nights. Either or, each segment ran for about 2 hours. The stories were continuous from night to night. What I mean by this is that each episode continued from the previous ones. Basically, they’re made-for-TV movies that span more than 2 hours in their entirety.

So, where am I going with this stroll down memory lane? It’s simple, after having watched the first two segments of Invasion my impression was just this. They should have made the crossover into a special 2 or 3-night event. Give us 4 or even 6 hours in a one-off special instead of making each segment part of the individual shows. With the storyline, make it flow like one single story instead of each show handling a different scenario. In short, treat the fans to a made-for-TV event. It doesn’t have to be epic like the ones mentioned (epic as in length of time) but I’m sure the fans would enjoy it. I can say this with conviction because I am a fan.

Just to note- Run Times: (thanks,

Centennial: 1,254 minutes = 20 hrs : 54 mins
North & South 1,392 minutes = 23 hrs : 12 mins
The Blue & The Gray 296 minutes = 4 hrs : 56 mins
The Thorn Birds 666 minutes = 11 hrs : 6 mins
Battlestar Galactica (2003 Miniseries) 183 minutes = 3 hrs : 3 mins

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying the crossover should go 20+ hours. These are just examples. However, it would be nice if they did an event like this that was a special event, which was more than 4 hours, and outside the normal run of each show. Then, box it and sell it as a movie tie-in to all the series. We’ve seen this before. The makers of the revision for BSG did this with The Mini-Series, Razor, and The Plan, and then they gave us Blood and Chrome. I’m just saying, it’s an option, it’d be a nice one too.

Debt Tracker Update

Yup, it’s that time of year again. For those tracking with me, while I won’t my $$ goal this year (for the first time) I have reached my goal of paying off 10 debts. With only $ 570.99 paid off this year so far, I don’t know where I’ll top out this year but the big debts are behind me and I am now officially below $ 5,000 on my debts. Who would have thought that it would be the small debts that are the hardest to pay off. The reason being is that, and this is a switch, I have to track them down.

I started this back in 2007, almost 10 years later I have paid off $ 28,648.46. This total doesn’t include my student loans. this does include credit cards with small limits and high interest rates, new debt, and what I call stupid debt- which are debts accrued via stupid means- like that new debt. Now, I didn’t go out and buy a car or a $200 pair of riding boots. No, this stupid debt was accumulated from spending a little more here and a little bit there- on things I didn’t need and ending up with a few overdraft or stop check fees. Then there were months when I slacked on watching my spending and oops. Yeah, that hurt and set me back.

Lessons have been learned, so hopefully by sharing my experiences someone else will avoid my pitfalls. Someone well will stay away from those high interest credit cards that promise a savings break on the interest if a charge is paid in full within so many months. Take it from me, someone who walked that path, if you go passed the time limit they will hit your account with the interest going back to the initial month of that charge. Also, avoid having multiple cards. This is another area where people get in trouble. Guess what- if a place accepts Visa, chances are they’ll also take Mastercard.

Also, avoid having multiple cards. This is another area where people get in trouble. Guess what- if a place accepts Visa, chances are they’ll also take Mastercard. These days, I have one of each. My Visa is my debit card, zero interest. My Mastercard is reserved for large purchases or emergencies. I stopped nickel and dime charging to the interest card. That’s another way people get in trouble with cards. $5 at fast food places, a few more here and there- places you forget what you bought etc. If you find that you can’t break yourself of the chump change spending, use your debit card for it- there are no interest fees.