Dating A Writer

I saw a link on Facebook for a dating site. Being a writer this sparked an idea, so for fun, I used my search engine to find ‘Date a Writer’. (No, I don’t Google, I use another engine.)

I found a few sites that are plus and minus POV’s on dating a writer- no actual site / club for writers looking to date. Still, it’s a fun post. Some of the reasons either for or against are very true, some are humorous, and others well… I’ll let you read and spark your own imagination.

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Writers: Twitter Parody Accounts

I discovered these gems, on twitter, today through Kristin Nelson @agentkristinNLA (a publishing agent in Denver Co.) These parody accounts are a chuckle a post. Follow or just read- trust us, you will enjoy them.

Aspiring Author – @AspireYAAuthor

Brooding YA Hero – @broodingYAhero

Typical YA Heroine – @TypicalYAHero

YA Best Friend – @TheYABestFriend

Token YA Sidekick –  @TokenYASidekick

New Adult Hero – @TypicalNAHero

Neurotic Writer – @writerneuroses

Clueless YA Dad – @AverageYADad

So, you say I’m not a writer

There seems to be a stigma in our culture that dictates ‘if you’re not published then you’re not a writer’. This is only through traditional means of publishing houses and agents- forget self published- they don’t count.

Here’s my thing- it’s my opinion, and as a writer I do have a valid one, this is akin to narrow-minded thinking. You are dismissing someone’s potential because it doesn’t meet your concept of what a writer is.

I speak from personal experience and I have many friends who have taken the route of self-publishing. Many are much happier with this decision than having gone with an agent / publishing house.

If you have the passion, the determination, and the fortitude to write- not to mention the imagination it takes- then become a writer. If it’s all you can think about, not just the mechanics but the vision, that over-active imagination that creates countless characters and seemingly endless scenarios- then, my friend, take a shot at being a writer.

Don’t worry about those people who tell you to give it up, that unless you’re published you’re not a writer. If you’re self-published then you’re not really published. These are the folk who- on the subject of your writing- first ask: “what have you published?” Then if you admit that you haven’t been yet, they get a scowl on their face. Some are brazen enough to say “then you’re not a writer.” Sometimes I want to smack these people up the backside of their head (Gibbs smack) or pull a Stephanie Tanner- with a huff, saying “how rude.”

Never let someone discount you because you have yet to see your work published or chose to go with self-publishing. If you have a story (or stories) to tell and you have been working on them- then you are a writer.

I mentioned earlier that I speak from experience. I have had several people in my lifetime tell me “you’re not a writer” because I wasn’t published or was considering self-publishing.

At this point, I have over 60 works in progress, have a count of 500,000+ words written among various projects- this includes novels, fan-fiction, fan-lit, blog posts, and academic papers. Writing is my passion, it’s what drives me. There have been times when my imagination was in overdrive that I could not sleep until the muse was done with me.

No, I’m not published- YET. The day is coming and for the moment I’m undecided if I’ll go with a publishing house, an agent, or self-publish. I just know that it will happen.

The day will come when people will walk by a major bookstore and see my book, or yours, or someone else’s one of us knows – and we’ll smile. Not because it’s there but because we’ll remember the asshole who said “you’re not a writer.”

Criminal Minds Episode Idea

So, I’m sitting here watching one of my favorite Canadian shows Flashpoint. An idea sprung to mind while watching Spike the tech genius at work. Even though this show has long since been canceled this idea could still work on one of my favorite American crime shows Criminal Minds.

The team tracks a sociopath who uses the internet and his, her, or their cyber skills to pick, track, and trap the victims. Garcia uses her genius mad skills to match and track the course finding that they cross the border between the US and Canada.

Enter Mike “Spike” Scarlatti (Flashpoint) who’s been working the case from the Canadian side as a cyber crimes investigator (inspector).

The 2 team up to take down the unsubs and by the end of the show they are sipping lattes or double doubles talking tech.

I would love to see this happen- my two favorite tech mad genius characters working together. That would be awesome!

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What’s in a Name? Novel Titles

Today, I was inspired by an article that suggested using the incognito feature. So, I did and found 3 other writers producing works with the same title.

The Zodiac Chronicles.

Thankfully, it’s not the title that’s copyrighted, it’s the work within that is. And each one of us is writing something different. One is a story about vampires, another is about angels vs. demons. With the 3rd one, I don’t know what his book is about I just know that he had asked one of the others about theirs and that his book was titled The Zodiac Chronicles: Cancer.

Those who know my might be thinking “Oh no, she’s hitting the panic button.” This will show you how much I’ve changed. I’m not panicking or throwing any kind of drama-queen spat. Truthfully, I am curious about what others are doing under this title. This isn’t because of competition, it’s because I’m curious and interested in what they’ve come up with.

Okay, so what am I getting at with this? Is this proof of the ‘collective consciousness’? Is this proof that there are no more original ideas?

I don’t know but I have my suspicions on that collective consciousness thing. Seriously, what I do know is that there is a multitude of works out there published, produced, etc, that use the same titles. There have been a few times where someone has asked or commented about their concerns of someone ‘stealing’ their ideas, book titles, etc.

I know this feeling. I’ve lived under this threat for a decade or so. I guess what I’m getting at with my ramblings is that these things happen. We can choose to get upset, or name our works, or respond in some negative way.

The thing to remember is that – while people may remember the title, it’s what’s inside the covers that counts.

One prime example is the title Heartland. First there is the series / collection of novels by Lauren Brooke. This is the series that the show is based on- of the same name. if you visit and type in this title; you will get a list of the various shows- past, present, and future with this title.

So, I guess my point is this: if you’re concerned because someone else is using ‘your’ title- as they say in NY, ‘forgetaboutit’. It’s what you put between the covers that counts.