New Week ~ Same Plan

This Wednesday is my deadline for lesson #8 with Long Ridge. This means that it’s time to buckle down and get moving.

Part 1: write a new fiction story between 2,000 to 3,000 words- DONE with 2,601 words

Part 2: The Magazine Choice Form. Choose an appropriate publication and fill out this for with the details from the market book. Visit website if available.

Part 3: Write a query / cover letter to the appropriate editor promoting your piece for their print

Part 4: Write a letter to your instructor – key point to mention is the focus on the final 4 lessons.

I’m almost half way done. I’ve gone through the list of science fiction publications. The book lists 30 – which I have whittled down to 4. I only need one though.

What’s your Monday look like?


Goals Achieved July 2014


Okay, so it took me longer than expected. I did take a short break to get munchies and a few other things. Still, I’ve finished the comparing and deleting of the clones for # 38. Now, it looks like I’ll be able to get through the copies of # 39 by the end of tonight.

5:43pm DONE!!!!

By 5:45 pm I finished with comparing and deleting the clone files of Psi-B Homecomings.

Along the way I did make some edits. However, phase 2 ‘the editing stage’ will be put on hold for a while. I’m going to set this one aside so that I can focus on “Return’ and my Long Ridge Lesson.

Current Stats: Psi- B Homecomings

file size: 387 kb
page count: 188
word count: 59,813


Another goal achieved. Today I finished LRWG Lesson 7 part one- revising the story from a previous lesson. I chose ‘Choices’ from lesson 4. This is by far the most popular piece among those who’ve read my work. As it is one of mine. For me, I think that it’s because how people respond to it. People view the 3 main characters as I had intended and hoped. They have sympathy for Sharon, adore her best friend Tabitha, and David is a toad.

After yesterday’s achievement with Psi-B Homecomings, this feels like a double-victory. I have 2 more parts to write for lesson 7- the cover letter and a note to my instructor. I already expressed to him that I intend to focus on fiction for the remainder of the course. In this letter, I need to tell him is (as it’s part of the lesson requirements) about what I intend to write about for lesson 8.

The trick for me is selecting ideal magazines to solicit. It’s not intimidating, however, despite the plentiful options in the Market Place book- I can’t seem to find one to fit a piece.