Update: LRWG #9

I managed to get a few more words written on this assignment. It’s up to 695 which leaves only 2,305 to go. This might have something to do with the door slamming neighbors having moved out. Add in that the cold weather has kept the kids indoors. So, it’s been fairly peaceful around me.

What I don’t understand is why this story is taking so long to write. Even with the chaos that’s been around me, it’s been over a year since I finished lesson 8. The most frustrating part with the story is that it comes in bits and pieces- a few words here, a few there. Unlike other stories, the imagination ( the vision ) is there but lethargic. I’ve tried to find inspiration, borrowing characters from my YA series and such but it’s still a slug.

I haven’t contacted the school because I know what they’ll do- reset my deadline for 30 days from the day I call. This wouldn’t do any good considering the sluggish nature of the progress.

Maybe it’s me, maybe I need to get out more, there’s a lot of things on this list of maybes.

Anyway, I’ve reached another transition point in the story. I’ve stopped at the point where Jen offered a deal to her reluctant friend trying to entice her.

The next moment is on campus. I see them discovering their friends at the seminar- much to Debbie’s surprise. She asks her boyfriend. “I thought you were going to State, what happened?”

“I’m thinking about taking the core classes here then transferring.”

“You can do that?” Debbie asked.

“Oh yeah, and it’s half the cost.”

I’m playing Debbie off not as someone who’s not informed. It’ll be a learning process for her.

New Week ~ Same Plan

This Wednesday is my deadline for lesson #8 with Long Ridge. This means that it’s time to buckle down and get moving.

Part 1: write a new fiction story between 2,000 to 3,000 words- DONE with 2,601 words

Part 2: The Magazine Choice Form. Choose an appropriate publication and fill out this for with the details from the market book. Visit website if available.

Part 3: Write a query / cover letter to the appropriate editor promoting your piece for their print

Part 4: Write a letter to your instructor – key point to mention is the focus on the final 4 lessons.

I’m almost half way done. I’ve gone through the list of science fiction publications. The book lists 30 – which I have whittled down to 4. I only need one though.

What’s your Monday look like?

I Love My Team Beta!

Thanks to the review response from one of Team Beta- She believes that an important piece is missing from my script for the LRWG Lesson #08. I agree, it was inadvertently left out of the scenario- I was going to add it but this would put me beyond the 3,000 word limit. So, I decided to send the script as is to my instructor and add the scenario for the “novel version”.

After reviewing and contemplating the previous draft of the piece, I opted to drop this portion. I did this primarily because it conflicts with the character’s previous action of shuffling away (leaving the scene). After removing his retreat, I polished the piece to adjust for the change and it flows much better.

Thanks Karla- your response was a big help.