Selling My Grandfather Clock

I am moving and cannot take this with me.

This clock is ideal for someone who wants the look of a Grandfather clock without the adjustments. All 3 functions are battery powered. See the image included that shows the battery placements. The clock itself takes one AA ( 1 ), the chimes take two AA batteries ( 2 ), and the pendulum takes two C batteries ( 3 ). On average, the right batteries will last up to 6 months ( like Duracell).

This clock is made of cherry wood with glass insets and 4 small shelves inside.

The pendulum and other decor are made of brass.

The best feature is that the chimes can be turned off!


notes on the battery compartment-

1- 1 AA battery for the clock face

2- 2 AA batteries for the chimes-there is a switch that controls the chimes on / off

3- 3 C batteries for the pendulum

I am asking $250, the value and price I paid.

Please contact me through Facebook @


Imagine Dragons – Thunder

This isn’t one of those typical ‘stuck on my brain’ songs. I was recently introduced to this group with this song. I like the song, not sure about the video though. It seems to be ‘interpretive’

Review Ready Player One

Those who know me know that I don’t get to the movie theater often. It’s usually one or two films a year, If I’m lucky. This one I’m glad I was able to see. It spoke to my inner geek.

Forget the 5 star ratings. I’m giving this baby a Nova… A Super Nova!
I can’t say much about the film without giving away spoilers. Suffice to say that the trailers, the commercials do not do it justice.

What I can and will say is this- one of the biggest complains of movie goers about CGI movies is that they suffer either in bad CGI and FX but awesome story line, script, acting etc OR awesome CGI and FX but crappy script, acting, etc. Usually it’s the second- sacrificing the bulk of the film for the CGI and FX.

I give you Ready Player One

Do not miss this film!

Why? Because you won’t find crappy here! Okay, sure, there’s a few corny lines, especially from one of the bad guys but for the quality and balance between script, CGI, and FX


This is the first film in a long time, years even, that I’m hoping it does well in the awards. If it does not- I’m not going to be a happy fan. Yup, I’m an instant fan. This film goes to the top of my must buy list.

A final note- this movie with touch your heart whether you’re a kid of today or of the 80s. It will definitely touch you if you’re a gamer.

One word of warning- be prepared for Mass-Effect of Pop Culture references.