My Oops of the Month

Well, I did it again- not intentionally though. The plan was to pay on my lay-a-way and then scoot across the parking lot / intersection from the mall to The Commons and get the cat treats from Petsmart. The problem was that I got waylaid / distracted by shiny jewelry.

You see, my dear friend Elizabeth works at Greenberg’s Jewelers. Every time I go in there she shows me the pretties and the shinies that suit my taste. Sigh, it is good to have a friend who works in a jewelry store. LOL My latest interest has been infinity symbols- and she showed me about 33 of them that she can order for me. One set (ring, bracelet, and necklace) are remembrance pieces- each has setting for 3 stones. As she was showing them to me- she said she thought of me because of my kids, 2 girls and 1 boy.

By the time we moved on to other infinity piece, a tick in my mind said “check your watch” so I did- and flip- I became mindfully aware of both the time and the bus. In my town- the bus gets to the mall once an hour- except the time when the bus is detoured for the school run. I know right, the city bus system here picks up the kids when they get out of school- not in the AM though, cause that would conflict with those trying to get to work.

Anyway, as I said, I did it again- I forgot to get the cat treats. And boy, that indignant look on Nieca’s face when I got home…. If looks could kill, I’d be hurting pretty bad right now. I promised her- tomorrow I will get her treats. I have zero reason to go out tomorrow- so I will make this trip just to get Nieca her Pounce treats.

I think I’ll go to Petsmart though, they’re a tad pricier than Walmart but they carry all of the flavors.