Criminal Minds Episode Idea

So, I’m sitting here watching one of my favorite Canadian shows Flashpoint. An idea sprung to mind while watching Spike the tech genius at work. Even though this show has long since been canceled this idea could still work on one of my favorite American crime shows Criminal Minds.

The team tracks a sociopath who uses the internet and his, her, or their cyber skills to pick, track, and trap the victims. Garcia uses her genius mad skills to match and track the course finding that they cross the border between the US and Canada.

Enter Mike “Spike” Scarlatti (Flashpoint) who’s been working the case from the Canadian side as a cyber crimes investigator (inspector).

The 2 team up to take down the unsubs and by the end of the show they are sipping lattes or double doubles talking tech.

I would love to see this happen- my two favorite tech mad genius characters working together. That would be awesome!

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