The No Ride Challenge

This is the one month / 30 days No Car Challenge

We live in a world where having reliable transportation can mean the difference in type of employment and socializing. Employers want people with ‘reliable transportation.’ People will pick up and drop off friends for only so long. For those of us who don’t have a car we rely on pay-per-ride services (taxis, Lyft, Uber, city bus.). The downside is that not every city has city busing. The ones that do are limited by schedules and routes; if there’s service where we live.

So, I came up with this challenge idea. It seems to me like some have forgotten what it’s like; while others have had wheels since they were old enough to drive.

The challenge is to live without your vehicle for 1 month / 30 days. You pick your month.

Try to figure out how to get to school, work, shopping, appointments, the health club, the mall, and social activities without using your car. In short, figure out how to live your life, still managing your daily activities without using your vehicles.

Feel free to get tips and advice from those friends who don’t have wheels.

My tip- buy a month unlimited bus pass, if there’s a bus system in your area.

The intention of this challenge is a reality check. For some it won’t make a difference, for some it’ll open their eyes about how they take their wheels for granted. to remind people of what it was or is like to not have one.