Dark Matter

Watched on Netflix

I’ve just finished watching this show- Season 1 / 13 episodes. It’s nice to see creators: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie continuing their work in science fiction. I have wondered what would be next for these two after Stargate SG1, Atlantis, and Universe. It’s nice to see that they did not disappoint. I hope there will be a season 2 and many more.

Check out the IMDB Page here.

The Social Media Struggle

The other night I’m sitting here thinking of what to do about this mess. The neighbors moved out- so the building is quiet, aside from a certain kitty making a ruckus. It’s difficult to think when she’s yowling.

Of course that’s not the current in a long list of complications I’ve had to content with over the years. It’s been a battle. There has been pressure to do one thing or another with my work, to have characters be of a certain concept or another, and then finally someone new told me something profound and empowering:

“If I succumb to the peer pressure about my book then the book is no longer mine.”

This has dealt with those individuals like a shield. And it was on to the next battle- the push with social media. I get it- having a platform is now a priority for anyone looking to be published. One of the major problems I have with this is making time for the actual writing. I’m not trying to be a pill here, think of it as a dose of common sense.

If time is spent working on the social media platform- the blogging, twitter, website, etc- where does a writer find the time to write? I don’t know about anyone else but it just doesn’t make sense- in my wheel house. If I can’t write then I can’t produce a novel. And if there’s no novel then all of that social media platform stuff is pointless.