What’s Missing From My Planner

I’ve noticed something is missing from my writer’s planner. Through all the suggestions of encouragement, positive reinforcement and identifying the negative internal dialogue, there’s no mention of how to deal with the external negativity.

How does one deal with the discouragement, anti-support, negative comments, and sabotage from other people? This is my biggest problem, not the internal dialogue but the negative influence of others.

I recognize the reality of those who treat me with this negativity. Often they are those who have either failed in their own plans and dreams or ended up giving up, quitting on themselves. It’s not personal towards me, they treat everyone this way.

So far the worst has been people discouraging me with my writing, having never read anything I wrote- AND – people who think I should give up my dream of a college education. How dare they! Just because they, themselves, didn’t do it, or they flunked out of one college or another- does NOT give them the right to sway others to join them in their pool of misery.

I would be grateful for suggestions from others.