BSG After the Fall

I would like to see a series based on life among the colonies after the fall. We know from episodes like “The Farm” that there were survivors from the holocaust. We also know that Caprica was spared from annihilation, unlike some of the other colonies. Which others had survivors? I also think it makes sense, that there may have been ships that were able to hide or evade the  Cylons in space. Ship’s captains and crews thinking outside the box could make it happen.

What would life be like among the Colonies? Is Caprica the only planet inhabitable? How do they deal with the radiation? Would people resort to Grace, being in a virtual existence while their bodies are in shielded chambers? How do they deal with each other? How do they rebuild their society?

What I see is the rise of a godless society. People coming to the belief that their gods had abandoned them in their hour of need. They also have resentment and anger towards Galactica and the fleet for leaving them behind.