Left Behind ( 2014 ver. )

Just watched the 2014 version of Left Behind. That’s about 2 hours I won’t get back. Thanks Cage for tarnishing the image I had.

Compelling- Yes. Suspenseful – Yes. Followed the book? No, it’s obvious that the writers ( and the people who made edits along the way) took creative license with the script – which is something I don’t like. I’m not alone in this. Fans of many books turned movies will rip and shred a film if it does not do justice to the book.

As for casting: Nicolas Cage as Rayford Steele missed by a mile. He doesn’t have “the look” the books conjure in the imagination- at least not mine. I do consider myself a fan of Cage. For me though, he just doesn’t fit this part. The one casting score I thought was spot on was Hadie. The actress was perfect.

Some of the settings they depicted were out in Left Field. Chloe using a truck to clear the road was clever. The fuel tanker at the end of the road = classic Cage maneuver- and completely unnecessary- as was Chloe’s bridge scene- not the lines, but the setting.

Sadly, despite the big bucks spent to make the film- a lot of the scenes left me disappointed. The film over all was dismal. The original film was better. I hope that cast and crew continues and finishes the series.

One good thing- for the price of a movie ticket Netflix has unlimited monthly access. So, it’s not a loss to the budget.


The Glass House


Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

This should have been the promo line for this movie. I enjoyed “The Glass House” for the sheer drama. It may be a retelling of the classic story of deception, greed, murder, and jealousy. Add in 2 orphaned children and a pair of thugs who “just want their money back” to top things off.  I’ve seen several stories with this concept- and each one of them, while they have the same mix in the plot- the stories are still very different. In my opinion, this is one of the better portrayals of this story concept.

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Jupiter Ascending

I saw this movie today. While the CGI and special affects are grand the story is a simple one. It’s based on the classic tales of greed and supremacy. If you like Sci-Fi with lots of explosions, awesome ships, cool CGI, and some interesting creatures then you’ll enjoy this one. Sadly they suffered the story line for these other aspects. This is a typical move though- rush the romance, tell the story by the characters explaining and spend the rest on awesome stunts, graphics and CGI.

Still, it’s a fun and enjoyable film.

It definitely makes my ‘DVD Buy List’