Sunshine & Nieca 2005 – 2017

They were only months apart in age, I had them for 12 years. Sunshine passed on August 1, Nieca passed on Augst 29.

Each brought a unique light into my life. There was laughter, and snuggles, and countless moments of wonder in watching them. This is one of the few images I have of them together. It is my favorite among them. It looks like they’re praying.

My angel kitties, I’ll miss you.

Goodbye Nieca (bugs)

Goodbye Nieca, you were a joy and a love in my life. People will miss you greeting them and saying goodbye at the door. You were a fun and loving and lovable cat. You will be missed.

She passed tonight, peacefully, and joins our beloved Sunshine across the rainbow bridge. I am heart broken at this sudden loss and yet comforted to know that they are together. Nieca will be buried next to Sunshine.



Sunshine’s Memorial

Thanks to excess donations I am able to do this. I was looking for a garden stone shaped like a sun or had a sunshine on it. What I found at Earl May’s was a figure that looks remarkably close to Sunshine. It is 4 pounds of polyresin, so not movable by the cats. I already have a spot picked out.